Interface Pageable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AgentIngressList, ApiKeyList, CertificateAuthorityList, CredentialList, EndpointList, EventDestinationList, EventSubscriptionList, FailoverBackendList, HttpResponseBackendList, HttpsEdgeList, IpPolicyList, IpPolicyRuleList, IpRestrictionList, ReservedAddrList, ReservedDomainList, SshCertificateAuthorityList, SshCredentialList, SshHostCertificateList, SshUserCertificateList, TcpEdgeList, TlsCertificateList, TlsEdgeList, TunnelGroupBackendList, TunnelList, TunnelSessionList, WeightedBackendList

public interface Pageable
Interface indicating a resource type that can have more than one page of responses.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Fetches the URI of the next page.
  • Method Details

    • getNextPageUri

      Optional<URI> getNextPageUri()
      Fetches the URI of the next page.
      a URI